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Hear how Patrick Jin directed his career to apply his strengths in helping others while learning in a study-focused environment.

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My name is Patrick Jing and I'm the president of coated steel China. At the moment we are the biggest single investment from Australia. We have about 3 employees with any turnover of 5 million US dollars and as a publicly listed company in Australia our performance is strongly linked to the overall performance of our global business.

We make metal coated steel products and also painted products and basically, they are selling into a few segments one that biggest one is the industrial building segments which is basically you look at Volkswagen, General Motors, Caterpillar. All these big B2B customers. They make all the manufacturing equipments and machinery or cars in the, you know, single box type. We call the pre engineering buildings and second is public buildings. If you look at all the airports terminals, for railway stations, stadiums, all the roofs are made of our steel products.

Korea change from medicine to business is a huge change. It's an unconventional career development. It turned out to be a good choice. I'm a happier person. I found some places that I can utilize my qualities and still helping people. I said to myself: okay maybe the way forward for me to change my career is to pursue an MBA degree. So, I apply for degree in Australia because I really wanted to find a campus that I can, you know, constituent on my style, have my focus given I haven't really done any business subjects before. So, and about choosing one Hong Kong for a number of reasons. First reason is to get very nice Beach and so I end up living next to, to North Gong Beach and the second is candid very nice campus. I would reckon this is a, well, the most beautiful campus in   Australia with a little duck pond I still remember.

Yeah and certainly you know in terms of the other qualities of the education Hong Kong was among the best out of all the possible rankings from the Korean University guide and QS and other, you know, public rankings.

I still believe this world and a lot of people enjoy helping people. So, I also end up, you know, helping lots of alumni from Wollogong Uni, finding jobs or giving   them suggestions. I really enjoy helping people and use my personal stories, the challenges, you know, some case I've done before. I probably cannot repeat all the times but I've got lots of help from people so I'd like to repay their trust by helping others.

As a general manager or president, you need wear different hats and one very important hat a part from where in the engineer hats when wearing the player, the coach, is to be a priest because you  are the only one that can, you know, tell  people you see the light at the end of   tunnel during the dark time and make sure you make comic things simple and make single things compelling. Make sure people understand your vision, your strategy, your actions and they do believe in you, in person and you do deliver the promise and the result and you're not afraid to tell people about   the bad news and of course the good news as well. So, so, if you ask me to summarize I would think you know the passion to drive the business to new heights is the only criteria.