Student support

Assuring students get the best learning and student experience, Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong provides several student support services such as tailored academic support and resources, skill building & social activities, as well as support with accommodation, career development, counselling, safety and security and more.

NB: Students studying Business and Law undergraduate courses at Wollongong or Sydney visit the Faculty of Business and Law Current Undergraduate Student Resources webpage.

The Sydney Business School (UOW) Library provides access to collections and information services for Sydney Business School students and staff. Our collection includes UOW subject material, course textbooks, recommended readings for all Sydney campus subjects, and general business texts. For more information about the library, visit the Sydney Business School, University of Wollongong Library Website.

The Library at the Sydney CBD Campus is on level 8. Students at the Wollongong Campus can visit the library located in building 16.

Students can refer to the Moodle site Sydney Business School Student Handbook (TCHR073_18) to attain Library resources and workshop details.

Meet Sydney CBD Campus Librarian, Lauren Richardson

Head of Students

Students can see the Head of Students for advice on course transfers and articulations, credit for prior learning, cross-institutional study, enrolling in excess credit points in a Trimester/session, taking leave of absence, course progress requirements, issues with graduation, serious academic consideration, complaints, grievances and appeals. The Head of Students at the Sydney CBD Campus is located on level 8. The Head of Students at Wollongong Campus is located in building 17.

Meet Head of Students, Sydney CBD Campus, Dr Beo Thai

Directors of Academic Programs

Students can see the Directors of Academic Programs for their course structure, subject substitution, and credit for prior learning.

Other Academic staff

Academic staff are available to advise and support, including the Dean, Subject Coordinators and Lecturers. See Our people

Peer Academic Coaches

Peer Academic Coaches are senior UOW students who have been trained to help students with:

  • Online study tips
  • Navigating online learning technologies
  • How students can look after themselves when studying remotely
  • How to navigate Moodle
  • Approaching essay writing
  • Study techniques to tackle challenging content
  • How to manage a large study load
  • Understanding referencing
  • Studying effectively for exams
  • Locating academic resources

 Students can reach out to a Peer Academic Coach online or in person at the Sydney CBD and Wollongong Campus.

Assignment Calculator

The Assignment Calculator is a tool to guide students in planning their assignments and searching   for the proper study resources.

Academic Consultations

Consultations with Learning Development lecturer Dr Russell Walton is available to help students with:

  • Understanding assessment requirements
  • Evaluating sources
  • Referencing and avoiding plagiarism
  • Academic writing basics
  • Critical thinking
  • Analysis and argument

 Students can book a consultation directly by going to the Sydney Business School Student UOW Handbook 


Workshops are also facilitated by Dr Russell Walton to help students with topics such as:

  • Referencing
  • Using evidence and avoiding plagiarism
  • Report writing
  • Reflective writing

Students can view the available workshops, dates and locations by going to the Sydney Business School Student, UOW Handbook.

Meet Learning Development team member, Dr Russell Walton

Reach out to a Student Support Coordinator. Examples of how they can support students:

  • Supporting students to manage health or welfare needs that may impact their study capacity.
  • Support for students with a disability and/or medical conditions.
  • Referring students to the best person to contact about a problem.
  • Providing information about where to get academic support or personal support.
  • Helping to navigate the university environment, e.g. processes and policies.
  • Refer students to any support services on/off campus.
  • Assisting in settling in and understanding life and study in Australia.
  • Providing support or information on any available programs or services.

All conversations are free and confidential.

How to contact a Student Support Coordinator

By telephone: 

  • Tina Edney: 02 8763 6006
  • Sarah Keech: 02 8763 6488

By email: 

UOWx aims to provide students to engage in co-curricular activities whilst studying at the University of Wollongong with an advantage in the increasingly competitive workforce by formally recognising their involvement upon graduation.

UOWx has opportunities for students to receive recognition for their co-curricular involvement at the Regional and Metro Campuses.

There are two ways students can get involved in co-curricular activities and be recognised on their UOWx Record:

Visit the UOWx website for more information about co-curricular activities specifically for Sydney Business School students or contact the UOWx team on or 4221 5999.

The BIPMN program focuses on supporting incoming international students by pairing them with International Peer Mentors who are available in both Sydney and Wollongong. BIPMN can also support business & law international students at any stage of their degree looking for further guidance. Regardless of whether a student is joining as a Peer Mentor or a Mentee, they will receive UOWx recognition upon satisfying the minimum engagement with the program.

Students interested in joining the program as mentors or mentees can visit our BAL International Peer Mentor Network Participant webpage.

Meet BIPMN Coordinator, Kelis (Ngoc) Nguyen

CABLE enlists high-achievers in business, dedicated to help peer students academically in accounting, economics, finance, management and other relevant majors, with the aim of providing and sharing experiences of studying and living overseas. To fulfil its aims, CABLE is academically focused, and socially innovative, aiming to build community engagements. CABLE leaders are responsible for the preparation and delivery of English or Bilingual peer-led study sessions and participate in a broad range of social and sports activities involving both international and domestic UOW students. CABLE supports business students who experience learning challenges, to help them overcome early-stage university difficulties, reduce failure rate and increase retention. Any students need support can contact the Head of Students for a referral to connect with CABLE.

Apply to become a CABLE program student leader and receive UOWx and Faculty recognitions by email

Register with the CABLE program


Sydney CBD Campus: Sydney Housing Services is dedicated to assisting students with various housing matters, from deciding which accommodation is best suited to students to finding accommodation, moving in and moving out, housing problems, and disputes rights as a tenant.  The service can also assist with emergency/crisis accommodation, utilities and airport transfers. Visit the Sydney Accommodation page for further information.  

Wollongong Campus: Students seeking accommodation in Wollongong or a nearby location can refer to the Wollongong Accommodation page for information and support.

Careers and Employability consultants at the University of Wollongong can help students improve their employability and provide up-to-date information on the Australian job market, additional career programs and job search resources.

A wide variety of resources can be accessed through the Careers and Employability website, including

Students can meet experienced Careers and Employability Consultants who are available on campus or online.  Students can book online via CareerHub for both on-campus and online consultations. The Sydney CBD Campus students can see Careers and Employability Consultant, Jackie Simpson, who visits the Sydney CBD Campus regularly. See CareerHub to make an appointment on campus or online. Students at the Wollongong Campus can visit the Careers and Employability website.

Meet Career Consultant, Jacqueline Simpson

The University offers a free and confidential counselling service to all enrolled students to assist with personal, work or study related difficulties. The counselling offered at UOW is short-term and generally lasts 1-6 appointments. If students require longer term support, we may refer them to an external provider.

Counselling provides a confidential space where students can discuss concerns that may be impacting on the student’s academic performance or mental health and well-being. The counselling service can deal with a wide range of personal difficulties such as family and relationship issues, communication problems, loneliness, lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, grief, and adjusting to another culture.

To make an appointment with a counsellor, please visit the Counselling Services website for further information or phone: +61 2 4221 3445.

Wollongong Campus: Your UniLife at UOWPulse offer a range of student events, from on-campus social events to excursions, giveaways, freebies and more.

The Sydney CBD Campus offers a range of student events and activities that allow students to make friends, engage in social and skill-building activities and have a fun study experience. Students should keep an eye out on their UOWmail, weekly Student Newsletter, and UOW Sydney Business School Student Handbook for event updates.

UOW Sydney Business School CBD Campus values student voices and feedback about their experience whilst studying at UOW. The Sydney CBD Campus Student Representative will be the voice of students in collaborating with all UOW divisions and the Vice-Chancellor. Whether students have a concern or a brilliant idea about the campus ecosystem, the student representative can work with students and the University and campus to have an impact for the benefit of all students.

See about Student Representation

Meet our Students

Kah Mun (Karmen), a recent graduate of the Master of Business Analytics program at Sydney Business School, had the chance to fully engage in the captivating studies of data and innovation. Her experience in this field proved to be incredibly rewarding.

Learn more about Karmen

Safety and security

Students out front of Security Building Wollongong campus
A student using safezone app Sydney CBD campus
UOW security staff using radio Security and Emergencies contacts
Student safety guides

Other Support Services offered at UOW

Student may be able to find other support services, resources and opportunities